Langkawi Island

By road then by ocean, i would suggest to take an aeroplane to come here. Its much more safe and save.

A) Costing sheet :
Toll :as usual toll utara paling mahal :((
Petrol :RM200 (Return)
Parking at Kuah : RM10 - 20, are lucky that we can park at pak lang house and it cost me RM20 :)), 
Boat Fare : cant remember dah , journey will take 45 minutes 
Hotel : RM150 (banyak sangat choices and its depends on your budget)
Foods : Your own budget pepandailah
Car Rental : RM120 per day (avanza) , cikgu rupanya ingat ustaz and nah ini number nyer 012-576 3255

B) Shopping : 
1)Haji Ismail Group (HIG) Pekan Kuah  
2)Idaman Suri, Pekan Kuah
3)Belakang De Baron ada kedai shopping Pekang Kuah
4)Chenang Mall untuk beli coklat, Pantai Chenang
5)The Zone untuk beli coklat, Pantai Chenang
5)Zenon, Pekan Kuah
6) Rojam untuk beli ubat gamat tapi banyak lagi tempat lain korang boleh survey

C) Recommended Tourist Attractions: 
1) Mahsuri's Mausoleum 
    i) Ticket : RM7 (adult) , RM3.50 (Kids) , ini untuk warganegara only
   ii) 12km from Pekan Kuah
  iii) boleh beli air from telaga yang Mahsuri guna untuk cuci muka RM2 only per bottle.
2) Pantai Chenang 
  i) you can find and do water activities e.g :banana boat
 ii) beautiful beaches
3) Cable Car 
    i) Ticket : RM15 (adult) , RM10 (kids), ini 50% to be enjoyed by locals
   ii) 709 metres above sea
4)Sevel Wells Waterfalls 
   i) Ticket : Free admission, but RM2 for parking if am not mistaken
  ii) kena cari 7 pools yang separate means we kena panjat anak tangga so jgn la pakai high       heels pulak tak sempat nak lari nanti kalau little monkey kejar
5) Many more but tak sempat to discover all sbb ada kenduri bagai 

D)My opinions
i) Definitely will come lagi for shopping periuk belanga yang tak sempat beli aritu
ii) Local yang over bile pi holiday sibuk nak half naked
iii) Don't miss to ride a cable car, its amazing 
iv) I tot seafood cheap but not as what i think, you better ask how much before eat - KL lagi murah hehehe
v) Ada jugak ulat-ulat even kat parking so be careful

Some photos :

1, 2 , 3 continue 

ocean breeze amazing

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