TSDO ard Kuala Selangor

i ve been so excited bout the outing siap keep kacau Renuga on dis and even ada one day i was wrongly said " owh besok TSDO yes " , my colleague replied what? its next weekend my dear hahaha oucchhh dis is dah jadi over excited pulak.

When the day itself come whoo i bangun awal on my weekend and apple pie sent me off to Bangsar to get a ride with other frens. Some of us dah pun tercegat kat depan Pizza Hut or even our bus pun dah ready to start our journey. We started our journey about 8.00 am frm Bangsar by this time most us tengah seronok dalam blanket or even sibuk rush to morning market to get some sayur, fish and so on. Masak for family penting on da weekend.

The purpose i joined da outing is bcos i want treasure the moment of fireflies tour ard night. Yes dis is my first point ard all. Most of the frens yg joined dis trip is bloggers and media and of cos they will def bring together their canggih camera to cap ols the moments. Myself jauh benor nak di compare i only ve my tab to cap all da superb  scene Oh well itu jerlah yang ada buat masa ini hahaha.

Nature Park infos.

Sangat old skool this post office i xpernah jumpa before this!

Bukit Rotan Temple dat we found on da way to Taman Rimba for Mangrove Cleaning Services.

My colleagues ard da morning briefing.

 On our way to Mangrove jauh giler okay!

Da spot places a while ago ard Bukit Melawati and i got to noe bout bed rock with da tree yg berdarah

Inilah rumah Api kekawan!

I sangat suka tengok laut from the top sangat sejuk and windy!

Baru dapat mencelah hahaha peace Farah and Zeti!

Poultry session and Ikan Toman ada tulisan Allah sangat menakjubkan dudes.

Fatty Crab welcoming us and not the taukeh kedai.

 i managed to see the sunset plus in da morning i sempat to see the sunrise with Apple Pie!

All of us depart for Kg Kuantan for Fireflies tour ard 8.00pm from the riverside right after the dinner. Its superb magic of experience dapat tgk Kelip-kelip.Be blessed with Ciptaan Ilahi. I dont have any pics on Kelip-kelip as i we are not allowed to take during the tour. Anyhow i sempat tangkap and put on my palm its very beautiful.

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