New Resolutions New Day, 1/1/11

Hopefully all of us ended with Thanks to Allah for 2010. Alhamdulillah i still got a chance to be with my family. Thank You mother, father, brother and 2 gedik sisters. Also with big hand welcoming for gebok junior a.k.a Afil Adi in brother&sister-in-law family.Leave all the past and start walking with new spirits, free kan your mind, and hope takde big damages in our journey for this year.

Everyone has their own new resolutions to guide them throughout the year. Well up to korang to firm it or not. Too many reso tak guna jugak if every year satu mission pun tak completed. My advise tried is better than never kan? so just state whats on your mind mana tahu all angan angan jadi kenyataan even not now but soon. Lucks is tak kenal siapa pun.

Cheh cheh cheh i got my new reso korang (last year punye pun banyak yang tak firm ngehngehngeh)

1) Fahami terjemahan Al Quran - from collegue times rasanye nak paham kan terjemahan Al Quran tapi tak sucessfully done alone ler

2) Finish kan all the books that i bought last year - beli bukan main 1 pun tak habis baca

3) To get a new baby this year - berangan nak ada SLK jer everyday

4) Aiming for DSLR tapi yang separa reti jer sbb bukan vogue sangat nak gantung kat leher sepanjang masa

5) Vacation to abroad - ala ala mcm nk pi Switzerland sbb nk tgk gunung apa tah lupa duit memanjang kerpert, dapat pi jejalan jadila dgn duit sendiri. Takle pi shopping town sbb duit cukup cukup jer bawak hahaha!

6) Aiming for Aigner items - jeles tgk Abah can afford to buy his jeans

tapi time sale je kot i pi ngehngehngeh budget sikit

 7) Tak mor sedih sedih all the times - hope dpt fully enjoy my life

8) What else yeah?

i think for now itulah my mission for this year. Hope all the Wishes Come True.

Happy New Year Kekawan. Hugs and Kisses frm Me anak Uncle Iska and Unty Norfa.

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cik bie said...

have yet to finalize my new year reso huhu

pape pung chaiyuk cik sal!

MizzSal_Iska said...

i think u dah ada your own target for this year. takpe take your time to finalise on what you want in 2011.Hope everything going well.

thank you only my lil angan angan for this year.berangan jer lah dulu.

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